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Charles asks…

Ecuador Real Estate Listings?

Any ideas where I can find Ecuador Real Estate Listings? I already searched Google to no avail, I found an interesting guide at …but I am still looking for listings?

frensceno wilson answers:

Here is one:

The term you want to use in google is “Bienes Raices Ecuador” I would add the name of the city you want to find listings for, “bienes raices quito ecuador”, “Bienes Raices Cuenca ecuador” etc.

Betty asks…

Canadian real estate listings show 3 piece, 4 pc, and 6 pc bathrooms. I can figure out 3 & 4 but what is a 6?

3 piece is toilet, sink, tub. 4 piece is probably toilet, sink, tub, and bidet.

frensceno wilson answers:

3 piece is a sink, toilet and either a tub without a shower or a shower without a tub.
4 piece is usually a sink, toilet, and a tub with a shower head, it could be separate tub and shower, but usually isn’t.
6 piece most commonly would be 2 sinks, toilet, tub, shower, bidet.

John asks…

What sites are there that show real estate listings? Preferably in Canada.?

I’m looking to buy a house and I’m wondering where I can find a plethera of listings.

frensceno wilson answers:

I’m a mortgage broker from Edmonton, Alberta. Here the two most popular choices are:


Jenny asks…

How do real estate Multiple Listings work in Texas? May any realtor show another realtor’s listing?

frensceno wilson answers:

Absolutely! It’s a cooperative agreement between the stakeholders of the MLS.

Maria asks…

Prudential Real Estate Listings and Foreclosures.?

Where can I find Prudential Real Estate Listings and Foreclosures on the market in my area.

frensceno wilson answers:

Most Local Real estate websites display multiple company listings. Including Prudential Real Estate Listings Heres a good place to search mls listings and foreclosures –

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